Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Wreath: Easy Financial Friday

We have two huge trees in our back yard and one in the front. Our leaves fall early and plentiful. I Googled leaf activities for kids and got plenty. Wreaths seemed like the easiest, so we tackled that. Kid Kapers gave me some ideas, as did Katie's Nesting Spot. Some people used real leaves while others used construction paper. Since I wanted a wreath for my outside door, we used real ones.

I thought about using glue, but decided it would be way too messy.

I cut the middle from a paper plate and covered it with duct tape. I sent the kids out to find leaves. I had them take turns adding leaves.

Taking turns, working on patience!

We discussed the different colors of leaves. We also talked about what the trees would look like with no leaves in a few months.

The project only took about twenty minutes, but the kids were very specific about where each leaf went, and its direction. I like showing them how all the steps of a project - taking turns, staring out slowly with preparation, and on.

Almost done!
Of course, this does relate to the naturalist intelligence, but I also think it relates to interpersonal intelligence as well. My kids made one project, together. They had to take turns and decide which direction they wanted the leaves. There was also talk of only using red or orange leaves before we decided (I heavily persuaded!) to use a variety of colors. I think the final product is adorable:

I poked a hole in the top and tied it with a piece of yarn. Educational, and always, inexpensive.