Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Reading

My husband (the fabulous guy!) played with the kids for a few hours and told me to relax. I read my google reader and scrapbooked for a bit. I found some sweet blogs during my free time and reread some from earlier in the week. Here they are.

The teacher at the website Ivy League-West is declaring a parent reform along with a government reform concerning education. She's pretty honest, and you may not agree with all her statements. She gets readers thinking about the role government plays in education and how it interferes with parents' role in education.

Confessions of a Dr. Mom wrote a post that just hit it about motherhood. In I Don't Know How She Does It she explores her feelings concerning moms that seem to have a perfect house, manicured nails, and a happy smile. I always look at my house stacked with papers, chewed nails, and beads of sweat and wonder the same idea.

The mom over at Practical Parenting made a delicious spiced pumpkin bread. It looks like autumn, and she prepared and baked with her kids in the kitchen. I always try to do that too; I feel it teaches kids so many sensible lessons.

Lastly, did anyone see that the people at JCPenney lost their minds this week? Who thought telling girls they couldn't do homework because they were too pretty was ok? Sure they apologized after the public outrage but it would have been better if it just never been put on a shirt and then sold. I imagine huge corporations have many steps before a shirt reaches a webpage. How many people thought it was a dandy shirt? Too many. Makes my "Phineas and Ferb" post have a bit more clout I think.

Enjoy your Sunday. Happy reading!