Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SAHM Life: Ways My Kids Hurt Me

In no particular order, here are ways my children physically harm me. Believe me, this is list is probably not exhaustive! Feel free to add more in the comments.

  1. Stand on my feet while wearing shoes.
  2. Sit on my lap, dig their bare little feet into my skin, and twist.
  3. Poke my eyes, nose, and gums with their bony fingers.
  4. "Fix" my hair.
  5. Sneak into my bed at night, sleep on my arm while I am sleeping so it falls asleep and I don't notice it. I then awake to an arm without circulation, past the "needles and pins" stage of being "asleep."
  6. Throw arms out and backhand my face.
  7. Hit their heads into my nose while sitting on my lap.
  8. Jump on my back, wrap their arms around my neck, and squeeze.
  9. Bang a utensil on the table, where my hand happens to be resting.
  10. "Look" at my earrings.

And I love every part of them, every minute down deep, because I know the days of them fitting on my lap are limited.

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