Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wonder Why Wednesday: Sad

I've been gone for a bit, blog readers. This whole balance a mommy and work at home gig is hurting me. I decided I needed a break and have been going to bed at night (woo-hoo!) so I can be the best mommy/teacher to my little monsters. We have played Candy Land and colored and read books and discussed colors and written grocery lists. We have not, however, made it to the grocery store.

So while I am a bit more rested, organized, and happy with my happy children, I of course have wonderings swirling in my head. I wonder why I am sad that I cannot be superwoman and do it all. My blog has fallen behind and that makes me sad. I wonder why I don't have the balance I search for in life. I look at a year ago as I packed my classroom. I have made great strides in this past year. Life is no longer the rush or mess it was when I left the house everyday for work. I'm better rested, but I still wonder: did I sacrifice too much of myself so I would have pieces to give to others?