Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This Sickness

Everybody has this nastiness that the news warned the public about months ago. Ty became sick last Thursday and since this is Wednesday, we have to be done with this.

I am ready for health to return, to be able to leave the house, to stop washing bedding and my raw hands. This sickness though, has made another sickness surface, again. 

Ty always has bad ear infections and was taking medicine that made him sicker, so I called the doctor's office that he went to on Monday. I called and a receptionist told me the office didn't open until 9. At 9:04 I called. The last time I looked at the clock, it was 9:21. I'm still on hold, waiting, and thinking.

This health care debate/reform/debacle is really hitting me. Here's why: when I decided to stay home, my husband got insurance. This insurance is fine, but we had to switch doctors and hospitals. As a creature of habit, I'm suffering. 

When I get a nurse, she asks who my son's pediatrician is. I tell the long story of switching and that we haven't found one yet.

Here's the thing: I don't want to find a new one. I want the doctor who came into my hospital room after both babies were born, smiling, telling me they are healthy and great. I want the one who patted my arm and told me that she would figure out a diet that wouldn't make my son sick so I could continue breastfeeding. I want the one who laughed when she saw my daughter "jabber" at 3 months old. I want this one and not a new one. I want the doctor who puts me at ease, knows me, knows my children, and who hung the moon.

Sure, there are other fabulous pediatricians and I need to practice this whole "change" concept. My largest concern is that I am forced to switch to a different doctor who does not know my children's (albeit short) medical histories. This 'sickness' isn't just in Ty's ears, but everywhere.