Monday, October 19, 2009

SAHM Triumph: Empty Laundry Basekts

When I worked, laundry was more than a never ending cycle. It was this mess that constantly hung around, that got in my way, that depressed me, that brought me to a nasty feeling of unbalance. I have five laundry baskets. One is green, and that is the baby's basket because I wash baby laundry in Dreft for the first year. The other four baskets are normally heaped with clean clothes. I can wash laundry and I can dry it too, no problem. Putting it away? Nah. I just dug through until I found matching socks or socks that no one could tell from a difference didn't match. When I became a SAHM, one goal and constant present on my to do list dealt with eliminating heaps of laundry and all its negative connotations.

Like most ideas, that one kept falling behind. True, laundry at my house improved. Husband and I fought over it less, which must mean more of landed where it belongs. It still wasn't folded. At first, I couldn't lift it from the cesarean incision. Then I went back to work. Then I wok up Za while I piddled around in drawers and closets. Then I decided I would always have an excuse and suck it up and do the damn laundry.

So I did. Last week for the first time. It was terrific and I didn't lie to myself and say, "I'll match those socks later" or "I'll hang the shirts up after I clean the closet." (Who cleans a closet? I'm in my closet about 2 minutes of everyday and then I never think about it again). 

Yep, I was pretty happy with myself. I even looked for the camera but couldn't locate it. I forgot all about my thrill and moved on to other business when, tada, the next weekend! AND I DID IT AGAIN. I folded all the laundry. All of it. I didn't hide it, lie to myself, or keep the hamper full. I washed it, dried it, and folded it. It is a huge SAHM triumph and I am proud of me!

As a side note, I finished the Eight Intelligence Series. Any suggestions for what to do next? Brain based learning? Bloom's Taxonomy? Critical Thinking? Cooperative Learning? The possibilities are pretty endless. What would you like to see?