Friday, September 13, 2013

Financial Friday: Homemade Notes

Writing thank-you notes with your kids teaches SO many concepts.

The finished product.
I always want my children to write. I believe that most parts of what teachers teach in school is valuable. However - if students do not see a real life connection, they typically won't care and they won't do it well. Writing, and using the writing process well, will help all students in and out of school.

Writing notes, like thank-you notes, helps kids learn appreciation and compassion. We write notes throughout the school year to people who help at school, and for Christmas and birthday gifts.

This also teaching the writing process, which is simple. It will be used throughout your child's schooling, and teaching it now is simple.

Brainstorming ideas about what to write, and then writing a rough draft are the first two steps. Revising/proofreading (with help from mom) is the next step:
Writing it neatly and delivering it are the final steps. We added decorations to the card, and Ty was happy when he returned from school. He said that his recipients were happy!

The writing process and kindness are inexpensive lessons with homemade notes.