Monday, August 19, 2013


Goodreads and kids.

I love reading. Aside from kissing and loving on my kids and hubs, reading is probably my favorite activity- closely followed by writing.

Alas, I am on Goodreads. I really am having fun reading other reviews and meeting readers who like the same books I do. My to-read list is growing terribly long.

Such pride in reading!

Because I have so much fun, I started letting Ty and Za record their books. They give me their reviews, and I write them. They also debate about how many stars to assign a book. (They give way more 5 stars than I do).

It is wonderful, really. They are analyzing what books they like and why. They are discussing the merits of books. Plus, we are recording what books we have read together. I imagine in a few years, it will be a fun activity to review them together.

The biggest benefit might be that the kids see that I take their opinions about books seriously. I value what they say about reading, and put their remarks on my account.

It is a free app, and a fun one for adults. If you have an account, feel free to friend request me!

This was not a paid review.