Friday, August 30, 2013

Financial Friday Failures: Beach-Gingerbread Houses

Activities I did with the kids, that they hated. 

I try to do inexpensive yet memorable activities with the kids. You know, happy childhood memories and such. I fail sometimes though, and the kids have no problem telling me about it.

I thought that I would light candles in the bathroom while Za soaked in the tub - nice and relaxing. She wanted the candle off and the light on, because you only use candles when the lights go off in a storm. It was not raining and she was not taking a bath until that candle was out. 

I tried to make colored starch for a science experiment with the kids. Either the recipe was wrong, or I can't measure. It smelled funny too. 

I found this cute little file-folder activity online for free. I printed it out, took lots of time gluing and cutting neatly, put the velcro on, and got Za all excited to practice it. We started and even though I had purposely ignored the direction to laminate it, was shocked when the paper tore apart with the velcro. I'll reprint and assemble it again, and follow the assembly directions. 

Another time, I bought a gingerbread house on clearance. It was early spring, and the kids were weary about making a Christmas decoration. I told them to imagine it was a beach house. They played along for about five minutes and did add some decorations. I ran to grab a laundry basket and just as I was thinking to grab my camera, I heard the television. 

I went downstairs to see why they had stopped decorating, and couldn't find the house. When I found Ty and Za, they told me that project "was no fun" and had fed it to the dog.  

Why can't we use our imaginations and pretend that a green and red gingerbread house with snow is a beach house? 

Any kid-project failures you care to share?