Friday, July 19, 2013

Elementary Kid Summer Activity: Week Seven

Three more weeks. 

Summer has flown by. I am done working, so these postings will become more regular. Here's hoping, at least.

My kids are busy. They play with neighborhood kids, read library books, or raid my refrigerator. Anyway, here is an abbreviated version of our daily activities.

We read Great White Sharks by Sandra Markle this past week. The book has real pictures, and Ty and Za had me read it more than once. It is full of vocabulary and that is where this week's words of the day are from.

Words of the Day: (theme: sharks)

Gill: a body part that allows the shark to breath

Pup: a young shark

Nutrients: the chemicals food is broken down into for use by the shark's body

Prey: an animal that a predator catches to eat

Predator: an animal that is a hunter