Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yogurt Drops

Teaching healthy life choices is so, so hard sometimes.

Za does not have the best selection in food. I am in charge of her diet, so she does get vegetables, fruits, and on, but I want her to enjoy healthy food so when I am no longer in charge she chooses healthy food. I'm going to work on this because she would alternate chicken and pbj for every meal if she could.

I researched I saw an adorable pin on Pinterest for frozen yogurt, and pinned it to my Healthy Food board. Frozen yogurt - in cute little shapes?

I don't have a cute shape-maker, though. I did the next best - I scooped the yogurt on a cutting board, and froze the drops - and I think they were cute:

Most importantly, Za ate them. They were a nice snack, and easy to store:

I thought about taking small pieces of fruit, putting them on top, and then freezing them. Maybe next time.