Monday, September 24, 2012

Breastfeeding Gifts: A Pictorial

I don't like deceptive marketing practices, especially when my children's health is involved.  

C.J. turned a month old yesterday, and I finally had time to open my "breastfeeding gifts" from the hospital. These breastfeeding bags are of course promotions for formula companies. A million articles on why breastfeeding moms don't need formula samples are on the Internet. Even more exist why hospitals should not market formula. So I won't write about that, but my experience.

Before I left the hospital, a nurse walked in with these pretty bags:

They look nice enough.
I was dressing C.J. and when the nurse announced she had my "breastfeeding bags," I remarked that they looked a lot like formula bags. She rolled her eyes. I smiled at her, and she shrugged her shoulders, remarking that "reps give them to us." Yes, I know, I told her.

"And Similac." It's got the same ingredients, see?
All ready to go - complete with coupons.
Conflicting advice - do they start with Similac, or breastfeeding?
Scare tactics.
Breastfeeding bottles - and formula in case you decide to mix it.
That's what breastfeeding moms need - powder. For what I don't know.
The worst? The March of Dimes puts its name on this deceptive practice.
I've written before about our culture and television influencing our children's beliefs and health. It is my job as a parent to combat these messages, and to teach my children about them. I just wish I didn't have to start the fight before I leave the hospital.