Monday, November 16, 2009

SAHM Triumph: Schedule and Money

Slowly, very slowly I am figuring this SAHM gig out. The kids and their schedules occupy my time and I have little time to write. I will juggle it all eventually, so I tell myself.

I have found a few study writing jobs and writing makes me busy. The first few weeks adjusting to working at home, before I completely acclimated myself to being at home... it was hard. They hubby and I had long and frequent discussions. So with this good news came another hurdle: scheduling.

I think (I use a qualifier as an Internet way to knock on wood) I scheduled my day in a positive way. The computer can be addicting and I don't want to sit on it all day while my kids play alone. That defeats the reason for staying home, yes? 

We get up, eat breakfast and play together. Za goes to sleep around 10 and I let Ty have quiet alone time (as quiet as a 2 year old plays). During this time, I update Twitter, blogs, write and email. phew--I never finish it all.

All the while, I am potty training Ty. This sentence is huge. This monopolizes my day and thoughts. I also nurse Za.

After Za wakens, we play and read and then have lunch. At some point, we start getting ready for nappy-poohs and wind down. The kids nap and I clean the kitchen and start dinner.

Hubby comes home about an hour after the kids are up from their naps. We eat, play, bathe and bed. Then I write some more and watch adult TV.

Somewhere in there, Ty watches his 2 hours of television a day. Normally when he wakes up for the morning and his nappy-pooh he asks for Mickey or Manny. I also shower in there. I also call doctors and insurance companies and make random appointments. hmmmm Maybe it is set everyday, but I do complete more than I did when I started this!