Friday, November 8, 2013

Writing and Drawing

Sometimes the best teaching happens when the child initiates the idea. 

That thought floated around in my head today, as well as the power of imitation. 

Someone in our house is always writing. My husband and I both write for a work (in different ways) and Ty and Za busy themselves with coloring or spelling throughout the day. 

Ty and Za are learning the power of words, and Ty has spelling tests every week. Za asks me to spell approximately fifty words per day, so baby girl sees lots of writing. 

Baby C. J. wants nothing more than to be like big brother and sister, so when I outlined a project today for TpT, she reached for my pencil.  

I was mildly impressed that she tried to grasp her pencil correctly!

Then in true one-year-old form, she crumpled her paper...

made lots of noise...

and tried to eat it. 

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