Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reading Piles

Last night Za and I cleaned up a book mess she made - she pulled out all the books from the bookshelf and put them under and beside the piano. Trying to make them all fit, I stacked the "STEP" books (books that have different levels for different readers - I think every brand has their own label for them). I was sorting, and then I did want to see how many of these STEP books we actually own.

Anyway - I set them off to the side. This morning, Za brought them to me and wanted to read them all. "They are all the same," she said.

So we are reading. We are reading a big pile of books that are all the same size, and it will probably take most of the day.

Our project for the day: reading books and eating jelly toast.
She's thrilled with the project, and so am I.

SAHM successes are important, and their value will show in our children.