Saturday, November 24, 2012

Disney Live! Mickey's Music

My kids and my blog sweepstakes winners saw Disney Live! yesterday in Peoria. The kids had a blast, and sang and danced through most of the show. It was a very kid-appropriate activity that was not quite two hours - long enough to hold their attention.

Ready to go into the theater!

The theme surrounded music, which is wonderful, because most children are inclined to be musically intelligent. The performers told the stories of "Toy Story" and "Aladdin." My kids have never seen "Aladdin," but they had fun during those songs, and they were non-stop-giggly during the "Toy Story" part, probably because they adore those characters.

Our ridiculously cute sweepstakes winner in a Mickey Mouse outfit.

Mickey and Minnie performed, and had sparkly outfits on for the final number. I was pleasantly surprised when the characters danced to pop songs that kids would recognize, like "Who Let the Dogs Out." Sometimes I take my kids to movies or performances and fear that something will be sexual or inappropriate for a five and three-year old, but I saw nothing of the sort!

Like I mentioned, the theme was enjoying music. At the beginning, Mickey said, "Anything can be a musical instrument" and at the end he closed with, "Music brings us all together." True, and I understood that. I wonder if he should have mentioned that more during the show to emphasize the theme more.

The show was a huge success, and I also think it is great when kids get to experience live performances, where the audience interacts with the performers. We had a blast, and would go to see it again!