Monday, July 23, 2012

Picture Puzzles

Use extra pictures to create puzzles.

If any scrap-booker is like I am, she orders too many pictures for too few pages. Often I give the pictures to Ty and Za so they can put them in their rooms, but the other day I thought to make an activity from them, and made picture puzzles. I know you can order picture puzzles, but those are often costly. These were very financially friendly.

Ty is no longer this small. I'm just really behind with my scrapbooks.

I glued the pictures onto cardboard - actually the cardboard that came with the pictures. I let them dry, and then cut them into fun puzzle shapes. 

Both thought it was funny that they were a puzzle.

Ty is older, so I made his puzzle a bit more difficult, with stranger cuts. Za's was pretty simple. 

I plan to take the puzzles to restaurants to keep little hands busy. I had cardboard on hand, but I think construction paper would work as well. 

Proud girl.
I also labeled each piece on the back with a 'Z' or a 'T' so we wouldn't get them confused, especially since I plan to make them more puzzles. 

Pictures are fairly inexpensive, and I always have extra around. I think I might make some picture puzzles of family who lives far away. Sometimes print shops have free prints, especially larger prints. That would work well with smaller kiddos. This was an inexpensive project, and it turned out great for us!

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