Sunday, January 9, 2011

SAHM Triumph: A Clean Floor

When I worked full time, my husband and I had a messy house. We just did, and we knew there was not much to do about the situation. We were tired from work and would cook a homemade meal (most of the time we tried, as we feel this is important). The combination of that and chasing the kids, well, something had to go, and it was normally the house.

If we had an upcoming party or holiday (and both times before we had a baby), we hired a maid service. I thought the money was well worth it. I will return to work some day and when that day comes, I have no qualms about hiring a maid again. Now that I am a SAHM though, funds are tight and cleaning the house is all mine.

I wish I could say I had some grand schedule or at least a calendar for cleaning my house. Maybe I could sit down and write out a loose one of what needs done every month (or maybe every week). I probably should, but it just would be a waste of time. I cannot imagine following it. I would find the schedule in a few weeks and feel sad that I spent that time writing it and not following it. It really would be a lose-lose.

I did not grow up with any kind of role model for house cleaning. My childhood home was very messy. Since my house is cleaner than my parents' house, I figure I am making an improvement. Funny how that thought process works, isn't it?

I don't want my children to learn messy habits (like I always try to eliminate from the learned behavior section in my mind) so I have focused and concentrated on cleaning more. Lots more. Since I am fairly certain a schedule will not work, I have made myself a promise. I will clean something (a room, a floor, a section of the bathroom) before I shower for the day. This is specific enough for me to do it, but does not tie me down to a chore I really may not be up for doing during a certain day.

This is a recent implementation in my SAHM household, as I was struggling to clean house while paying attention to Ty and Za. I am following this self-imposed rule and am pretty happy about it, making it my most recent SAHM Triumph.