Monday, October 4, 2010

Finacial Friday: Cloth Napkins, Part II

Don't fear... I have not lost it. I know today is Monday, but we'll go ahead and do a Financial Friday update. In August, I wrote about using cloth napkins. A few weeks later, I saw a loyal reader who told me she and her family were using this idea! I didn't give them the idea, but we both expressed over concern for the environment. A few weeks after that meeting, I got this email from her:
We went to 3rd Sunday BARGAIN of the day was a box w/ 2 pillowcases & cloth napkins....$10 for the box. Came home & counted & got 30 cloth napkins! Also picked up some solid round bracelets for $3. for napking ring holders.... 
Awesome find, Financial Friday Mom. Great bargain.