Monday, October 29, 2012

Trash for Projects

Here are 7 pieces of trash you should keep for your child's art projects.

Parents post adorable and educational art projects they do at home. When I started staying home with my kids, I looked at these projects with envy. Where did parents get all this fun stuff? Sure, I could find accessories at craft stores, but I didn't have the money. Here is a list of items I've learned not to toss, but to use for educational projects.  

1. Magnets. We have an assortment of magnets that I normally toss. They accumulate from advertisements, parades, "save the date" for weddings, pizza places, etc. I cover them with paper, let the kids make drawing or attach a photograph, and then give as gifts, or keep for myself.

2. Used art projects. All that stuff Ty and Za bring home? I keep it awhile, but then we eventually recycle it (unless it is a loved piece of art). Before you recycle, take the following off: buttons, eyes, yarn, pipe cleaners, and reusable stickers. And use them again.

3. Cards. Birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, invitations, thank-you - I even received a Thanksgiving card once. All these cards have pretty pictures, on card-stock. They are great for starting art projects.

4. Ribbons. These are normally attached to cards, and they work so well on tubes and plates.

5. Paper rolls. A million activities exist. Google "toilet paper rolls."

6. Magazines. Not only do the kids and I read them, we cut pictures and fun-shaped words.

7. Cups and lids. We trace them, identify their shapes, and use them as Frisbees for doll-house people.

What recyclables or trash have you found work for art projects at home?