Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wonder Why Wednesday: Cheating Time

I wonder why (this Wednesday) how I am going to manage not cheating my second child out of time. I already know that this happens and I knew it would before Za was born. When she was a newborn, I did not sit and stare at her for the hours that I did with Ty. She got put in her bouncy seat so I could fix him lunch. I asked less questions at the pediatrician's office not necessarily because I knew more, but because I was too tired to write the questions down or remember them.

Baby Za feet.
I see this difference of time spent so clearly in their baby books. Ty's is thick with details, stories, journaling, and pictures. Za's, well, I wanted to do this section of her baby toes and fingers and I have just now realized that while I took pictures of her feet, I forgot to take them of her hands.

How do I stop this from happening? Why does it happen? Am I really that tired that the first child had so much more than the second? (And why did I not take pictures of her newborn hands after I took them of her feet?!)

I understand that no two children have the same experiences but I wonder why I cannot remember to do the extras for my second child. I realize that I am not forgetting important aspects, like feeding or reading, but it is those little extras that children so often remember, that make childhood the special time it is. Those extras are not always happening, and I wonder why and how I can fix it.